With over 45 years of technical design and manufacturing experience, this factory produces all of Cotopaxi’s athleisure products. One of the most well-respected manufacturers in their vertical, the factory is also a leader in terms of community impact and sustainability. 

The factory adheres to best practices by restricting hazardous chemicals, sharing a publicly available code of conduct, and going through third-party audits. In addition, the factory goes above and beyond by LEED certifying its buildings, making them one of the greenest operators in the game. They also have long-standing partnerships with local non-profits, such as Cambodia’s Room to Read, which focuses on literacy and gender equality. The facility has worked with various partners to build many schools and libraries, as well as to sponsor secondary school education for hundreds of girls. 

One of the few factories to go through the Higg Index module and score the highest possible—which measures recycling, emissions, water usage, waste, and energy efficiency—this facility is operating beyond compliance and is leading the way in terms of being a truly “smart factory.”