All of our headwear comes from Shanghai and is made in the first Fair Trade Certified™ factory in China. One of the most advanced and largest headwear manufacturers in the world, this partner leverages their position to advocate for the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.

Additionally, the facility’s lean manufacturing practices allow them to produce high quality products with minimal environmental impact. Leadership actively accounts for the factory’s carbon footprint by using energy efficient machines, going paperless, and contributing to local conservation efforts. The factory’s leaders are also committed to workers’ rights protection, health and safety, career growth programs, democratic management through a sanctioned, trade union committee, and additional vocational training.

On top of the facility’s internal practices and programming, its leadership provides charitable support within its communities of operation, such as support for the elderly and disabled. We’re honoured to partner with such a beneficent and forward-thinking supplier, and look forward to combining efforts around “Doing Good.”